Auto Solar Cell Cutter

Solar Cell Cutter is used to separate full cell to half cell, 1/3 cells or other types. The systems uses both mechanical cell cutting and contactless cutting . One machine real throughput is 4500 pcs/h, compatible for 156mm, 166mm and 210mm solar cells cutting.

Model GDS-50A

    High throughout-4500 full cells/h:

  • 1. 2 lanes cell loading, non-stop running when loading cassettes switch
  • 2. Dividing-plate unloading, non-stop running when unloading cassettes switch
  • 3. Rotating-switch unloading structure
  • 4. High speed cell dicing, single cell dicing within 0.3s
  • 5. Loading and unloading at same side, easy operation, only one operator is needed
  • 6. Multi-laser heads cutting cell to 1/3 cells simultaneously

    Precious separation

  • 1. Depth/width ratio up, smooth separation surface and less ash
  • 2. Thermal –stress separation is optional

    Low consumption

  • 1. using vacuum pump instead of vacuum generator
  • 2. 80% less compressed air needs